LCCI President’s from PIAF

LCCI President’S from PIAF


Mian Anjum Nisar
President LCCI (2003-04)
A.T.S Synthetics (Pvt) Ltd.
Kahna Kachha Road Lahore
H/O: 37657477-37358905 Fax:37322495

Mian Anjum Nisar did his B.Sc in 1974 from University of the Punjab. He belongs to a reputed family of businessmen engaged in the manufacturing of Artificial Leather, PVC. He has been elected twice as member Executive Committee of the LCCI. Convener of various Standing Committees like Leather & Hide Skin (1997-99). Convener Standing Committee on Rebate (1996-97). He remained Chairman PIAF for 3 years. He had honour to serve business community as Present of LCCI in 2004.

Mian Shafqat Ali
President LCCI (2005-06)
Ramna pipe & General Mills(Pvt) Ltd.
130/4 , Kot Lakhpat Industrial Area, Lahore
Ph:5383547 Fax:5383770

Mian Shafqat Ali graduated in 1980. He did LLB 1983. He also holds Master Degrees in Philosophy (1985) and Political Science(1987). Attended executive courses of AOTS in Japan (1993). Mian Shafqat Ali is Director of Ramna Pipe & General Mills (Pvt) Ltd, Ramna Fitting and Pipe Industries (Pvt) Ltd.

Muhammad Ali Mian
President LCCI (2007-08)
Plasticon Industries International
14-K.M Multan Road, Lahore
Ph:37512142-37513198 Fax:37512140

Mr. Mohammad Ali Mian is the Chief Executive of M/s. Plasticon Industries (Pvt) Ltd. He completed his studies at the Government College Lahore and entered plastic processing business in 1983. He visited U.S.A., UK, Italy, Germany, France, Spain Far East and China etc. to update and acquire the latest Technology of plastic industry. He was the President of Pakistan Plastic Manufacturers Association (Pb. Zone) and former Chairman of PIAF (Pakistan industrial and Traders Association Front). He was elected President of Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry for 2008.

Zafar Iqbal Chaudhry
President LCCI (2009-10)
Zakir Brothers – Y
98-F, Channan Din Road, M. A Johar Town, Lahore


Irfan Qaiser Sheikh
President LCCI (2011-12)
Qaiser L.G
61-C Syed Maratab Ali Road Gulberg IV, Lahore
Ph:35758425,35764782 Fax:35764091

Mr. Irfan Qaiser Sheikh is a Director of Qaiser LG Petrochemical (Pvt) Ltd, Qaiser Brothers (Pvt) Ltd, Qaiser Marketing (Pvt) Ltd. He has been serving the business community as Chairman LCCI Standing Committee on Customs, Tariff, Imports and Valuation since 2003.

Engr. Sohail Lashari
President LCCI (2013-14)
Sozo Water Park

Engr. Sohail Lashari did his F.Sc. from Government College Lahore and his B.Sc. Engineering from University of Engineering & Technology Lahore. His work experience is spread over 15 years (1973-88). He started his career by working on International project of Khalis K-2 Iraq which included precise land leveling with laser, concrete lining of canal embankments. He also worked as Project Manager for Duko irrigation Project which involved laying of pressure pipelines for irrigation with sprinkler system and drip irrigation. Finally he also rendered his services as Project manager to Muscat Oman Al-Jizai company and the job included design estimation and tender documents of irrigation project. Locally he has a stay of one year each with NEPAK and DESCON (Pvt) Ltd.

Sh.Mohammad Arshad
President LCCI (2015-16)
New Age Tanneries .
Hide Market 18 Sultan Pura Road, Lahore
Ph:36840004 Fax:37288323 Res:35720789

Sheikh Mohammad Arshad is the Cheif Executive of M/s Newage Tanneries. He has been over 30 year experience of Hide & Skins Merchants & Tannery Business. His firm deals in manufacturing and export of finished leather and leather products. The firm also imports raw hides and skins. He remained Chairman PIAF in 2002 and 2003. Sheikh Mohammad Arshad had the honour to serve the business community as vice president LCCI in 2005. He is Chairman of All Pakistan Hide & skins Importers Association and also Chairman of Darul Shafa Hospital in Hide Market, Lahore