Pakistan Industrial and Traders Associations Front(PIAF) was established in 1995 by a group of dedicated businessmen representing  various industrial and trade associations with the sole objective of keeping the country’s flag high.

Since its very inception, the PIAF has proved itself an effective voice of the business community. It’s all former Chairmen including Mian Shafqat Ali, Mian Anjum Nisar, Sheikh Muhammad Arshad, Muhammad Ali Mian, Mian Abuzar Shad, Irfan Qaiser Sheikh, Engineer Sohail Lashari and incumbent Chairman Tahir Javed Malikare not only highly respected business leaders butt are also experts in their respective areas of business.The PIAF has always tried that the trade and industry in Pakistan should be given the same level playing field what is being provided in our region especially in India and Bangladesh for markup rates, electricity and gas prices. Al present, industrial power tariff in Pakistan is almost the highest in our region as compared to India, Bangaldesh and Sri Lanka.

Pakistan Industrial and Traders Associations Fronthas made it clear to the government time and again that it would have to concentrate on building water reservoirs including Kalabagh Dam to overcome the electricity shortage and to ensure cheaper electricity to masses in general and the trade and industry in particular. It has also called for power generation through coal means as the country owns 185 billion tons of coal reserves.

On the gas shortage it has urged the government to inculcate nationalism in its rank and files and reject all external pressures to complete Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline at the earliest. But it is very unfortunate that the PIAF repeated appeals fell on deaf ears with the result the country today is fighting for its survival.

PIAF has very strongly emphasized the Governemnt that the mark up rates in Pakistan should reduced to single digit by reducing the “Banking Spread ” which is almost the highest in  the world. At present the banking spread in Pakistan is at 7.5%, in Bangladesh it is at 14.5%, ant in Sri Lanka is 16%. PIAF has strongly proposed that tax based is to be broadened by bringing new sectors in the tax net and income is to be taxed whether the income is generated through Agriculture, Services, Private Hospital, Clinics, Restaurants, Parlours, Marriage Halls, Bakeries and Consultants.

The PIAF leadership has always been of the opinion that the strengthening of institutions and policies based on consultations with stakeholders is the only way out to ongoing crises and everybody should play his role in this regard. Therefore, the PIAF office – bears and the Executive Committee Members are actively playing their role for an enabling business environment in the country.